Action Group on the Green Deal Data Space

Welcome to the EuroGEO Action Group on the Green Deal Data Space (GDDS) created in the EuroGEO workshop in Nov 8th, 2022 in Athens

Initial list of projects and activities participating

"Sister projects" financed by DG research to develop the GDDS

AD4GD project - AllData4GreenDeal (Joan Masó, CREAF) (CORDIS Sheet)
The aim is Integrate standard data sources (e.g. Insitu, RS, CitSci, IoT, AI) in the GDDS, improve semantic interperability, and demonstrate with concrete examples that climate change zero pollution, biodiversity general problems can be solved.

FAIRiCUBE project - F.A.I.R. Information Cubes (Stefan Jetschny, NILU) (CORDIS Sheet)
The core objective is to enable players from beyond classic Earth Observation domains to provide, access, process, and share gridded data and algorithms in a FAIR and TRUSTable manner. We are creating the FAIRiCUBE HUB, a crosscutting platform and framework for data ingestion, provision, analysis, processing, and dissemination, to unleash the potential of environmental, biodiversity and climate data through dedicated European data spaces.

USAGE project - Urban Data Space for Green Deal (Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) (CORDIS Sheet)
It will provide solutions for making city-level data (Earth Observation, Internet of Things, authoritative and crowdsourced data) available, based on FAIR principles: innovative governance mechanisms, standard-based structures and services, AI-based tools, semantics-based solutions, and data analytics. It will provide decision makers with effective, interoperable tools to address environmental and climate changes-related challenges.

B3 Biodiversity Building Blocks for Policy Making (Quinten Grome, Meise Botanic Garden) (CORDIS Sheet)
Global biodiversity is changing under multiple pressures including climate change, invasive species and land-use change. Yet biodiversity data are complex and heterogeneous, making it difficult to understand what is happening fast enough for decision makers to react with evidence-based policies. To solve this B³ will create Open workflows in a cloud computing environment to rapidly and repeatedly generate policy relevant indicators and models of biodiversity change.

Other projects financed by other DG's to implement data spaces

GREAT - The Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice (Preparatory Action) (Richard Stevens, IDC) (CORDIS Sheet)
Funded by the Digital Europe program, aims to establish the Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice which builds on both the European Green Deal and the EU’s Strategy for Data. The project will deliver a roadmap for implementing and deploying the Green Deal Data Space, an infrastructure that will allow data providers and initiatives to openly share their data to tackle climate change in a multidisciplinary manner.

Data Spaces Support Center (participated by IDSA and Gaia-X

Other projects by EC research contributing to the GDDSs

EIFFEL - GEOSS applications for climate change (Dimitris Bliziotis, ISENSE & Yannis Kopsinis, LIBRA) (CORDIS Sheet)
Coming soon: A work plan
CREAF has voluntaried to initially lead this Action Group